Millions of People Lives are Changing Because of Prayer

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What is the Sweet hour of Prayer?

Isn't it true that prayer changes things? Isn't it true that when you pray, it's because you believe that God can bring a magnificent transformation of breakthrough into your life? Isn't it true that you want the man of God praying for your breakthrough as well? The Bible says pray without ceasing.

What is the purpose of the
Sweet Hour of Prayer?

That calls me from a world of care!

I am here to pray for your breakthrough! As you read the words on this page, you will notice that the Holy Spirit is trying to convey His plan for your life through the awesome power of prayer.

Prophet Manasseh Jordan

Prophet Manasseh Jordan knew that God had ordained him to touch the lives of millions throughout his lifetime. Under the very essence of the Holy Spirit, Prophet Manasseh Jordan moved into the realm of the divine Probhetic ministry. As a devout Christian minister,

The Gift That Keeps Giving

The Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me that God's saints needed prayer in this hour. Are you dealing with a situation that you need me to pray over? I know that some people are dealing with certain problems that they need God to place his hand in.

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